With the current semester soon coming to a close and the summer and fall semesters on the horizon, current students should look into the prospect of applying for Cal Grants in the future. The upcoming deadline for students to apply for Cal Grants is Sept. 2.

Cal Grants are a form of financial aid offered to California residents currently attending a college or university located in the state of California.

There are three types of Cal Grants available for students to apply for, classified as Cal Grant A, B, and C. Each grant is separated by qualifications and is dispensed to students based on their residency, proof of need, income, GPA, and other criteria.

Infographic on the various Cal Grants.

Infographic on the differences between Cal Grants A, B, and C. Photo credit: Dylan Faircloth

A complete list of similarities and differences can be found through the California Student Aid Commission’s Cal Grant Program Comparison Chart.

For students attending Fullerton College, only two of the three Cal Grants are accessible to apply for – Cal Grant B and Cal Grant C. B requires submitting a GPA verification form, while C does not require students to submit one. In addition, both require a completed financial aid application form, either a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a California Dream Act Application.

This system, along with other various forms of financial aid, is a part of the California Community Colleges’ continuous prioritization of the well-being of its students, keeping reforms in mind that are beneficiary to students.

“We’re advocating to put students first, their needs first, so those needs include things like Cal Grant reform, improving access to Cal Grant system,” said California Community Colleges’ chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley on financial aid accessibility.

For more information regarding Cal Grant qualifications and application help, consider checking out the official brochure for Cal Grants or checking with the California Student Aid Commission or the financial aid office.

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