Chomp Rock’n Sushi is an upbeat sushi spot that cooks the food right in front of you. Not only do they roll sushi, but they also cook on teppan grills. A perfect example of Benihanas meets sushi. It is located right in the heart of Downtown Fullerton.

Main entrance of Chomps. Elaborate colors and themes.

Chomp has a mix of fish and shark decorations dotting the building. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

Chomp has a very alluring atmosphere. Sushi chefs make their rolls at a sushi bar near the center of the restaurant, while master cooks play with food at the teppan grills.

Making sushi is an art. It truly requires master artisans from the elaborate colors of the different fish articulated ever so beautifully. The fine details that are put into sushi making are a must-see.

Sushi bar front row seats.

Sushi bar front row seats. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

The entire experience of Chomp is terrific. From the warm, welcoming host to the fantastic servers right down to the music. Chomps is lively and sets the mood from arrival to departure. Surrounded by fish tanks and sharks, the restaurant was tastefully designed with hints of modern Japanese architecture scattered throughout.

At Chomp, it’s never a dull moment. Between chefs flinging food around and sporting events always on the flatscreens that can be seen throughout the restaurant, keeping customers up to date with popular teams. Not to mention laughter and everyone enjoying their time keeps your energy levels high—an experience the entire family can enjoy.

Contactless menus are provided; however physical menus are provided upon request.

For those that like to breathe the fresh outdoor air, there is no need to fear, Chomp is here with outdoor dining. The outdoor patio is an enclosed patio, keeping the tables sheltered from any harsh weather. They also provided No-contact delivery.

One of the most popular rolls. Three layers of sushi goodness.

One of the most popular rolls. Three layers of sushi goodness. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

This three layers stuffed sushi roll is mouth-watering. Such bold and distinct flavors intertwined so harmoniously. Each texture is so soft and melts in your mouth effortlessly.

The bottom layer has fresh salmon, then you have the second layer which is a heaping spoon full of spicy tuna that has a rich smooth glide on your tongue and just dissolves like sugar in water taste. The cherry to top off this 3 layer mountain of deliciousness would be the scallop.

Chomp is an energetic experience that everyone in Fullerton should try. You can find Chomp at 181 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA.

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