The Orange County Health Care Agency will administer the vaccines in rooms 224-228 above the cafeteria in cooperation with the Fullerton College Health Services. Health Education Coordinator Kelly Salazar will oversee setting up the clinic on campus.

The Clinic will be held on Sept. 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Orange County Health Care Agency will administer the vaccines.

Fullerton College has partnered with Orange County Health Care Agency for a free vaccine clinic held on campus, open to the public. Photo credit: Ian Vielma

Vaccines will be open to the public on an appointment basis, but walk-ins are also welcomed. Visit Othena’s website to set up an appointment; it is easy and quick.

The clinic is intended to provide vaccinations to students as well as the public. Minors 12 years or older must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be vaccinated.

The service is free and requires a photo ID.

Fullerton College students can receive a $25 grocery gift card. Make the appointment as soon as possible to receive this extra incentive; only 100 cards will be available. In addition, a raffle for 3 $100 gift cards will be offered by Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development, a non-profit organization that helps the OC community get vaccinated.

Those receiving a vaccine will have the option of being administered the Pfizer or the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is offered in two doses, and J&J is a single dose.

The vaccines will be administered in rooms 224-228

The vaccines will be administered in rooms 224-228 on Fullerton College campus. Photo credit: Ian Vielma

This will be the third vaccine clinic Fullerton College has hosted. The last two clinics were sponsored by the Orange County Health Care Agency and the first by Providence/St. Jude.

A total of 97 people were vaccinated from the past 2 clinics held on campus.

The NOCCCD Board of Trustees voted to implement a vaccine mandate. Students taking on-campus courses will need to be fully vaccinated by November 1. The clinic will provide an opportunity for those who haven’t yet received the vaccine.

Those receiving the Pfizer vaccine are advised to take the second dose after 3 weeks or 21 days.

Getting vaccinated on this upcoming event on Sept. 9 will allow ample time for those who received Pfizer to be administered a second dose which should be around Sept. 30. After the second dose, a two-week period must be observed to be fully vaccinated by CDC guidelines.

These vaccination dates and wait times allow one to be fully vaccinated around mid-October, just before the November deadline.

The mandate will apply to faculty, staff, and students without medical or religious exemption. Review the mandate and guidelines for returning to school through the Fullerton College website.

Two brands of vaccines will be offered on Othen's website.

Two brands of vaccines will be offered on Othen’s website. Photo credit: Ryan Davis

Othena offers a fast and simple process. Visit the page, click the “Get an Appointment” tab, answer a pre-screening questionnaire, and proceed to choose a time slot.

Walk-ins are available at the clinic.

Fullerton College is gradually re-opening and expected fully by January 2022

Fullerton College is gradually re-opening and expected fully by January 2022. Photo credit: Ian Vielma

Fullerton College has opened some courses on campus. Students are required to take a health assessment through the Fullerton college App, then proceed to check-in at the Stingers café, also known as “Hornet Central,” to get a wristband. The wristband confirms visitors are symptom-free and allowed to be on campus.

Full re-opening is expected in January 2022.

Fullerton College will continue observing and implementing on-campus safety measures such as an upgraded ventilation system, social distancing, and contact tracing.

Visit the Fullerton College Covid-19 information website for more information.


EDIT: This article was edited for incorrect information regarding who was holding the $100 raffle for those who get vaccinated at the clinic.

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