Fullerton College will apply for a student housing grant sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, nearly 53% of Fullerton College Students are housing insecure. Housing insecurities can range from houselessness to couch surfing, to sleeping in your car and more.

Fullerton college basic needs survey

#RealCollege conducted a basic needs survey in 2021 which shows the numbers of community college students that experience food insecurity, housing insecurity and homelessness. Seen here is also the breakdown for Fullerton College Students that experience any basic needs insecurities from 2021. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

Fullerton College Interim President Gilbert Contreras stated, at Fullerton College, they are “serving the whole student,” which includes mental health resources, food resources and now housing resources.

“It will be a tremendous impact,” Contreras said, “It’s difficult to do anything if you do not have a place to stay or are hungry.”

No exact budget of how much it will cost, how many students it will hold, or location details are available yet.

Different housing insecurities, situations and circumstances

The definition of housing insecure can range from many different circumstances. Homelessness is not the only circumstance that qualifies as housing insecure. Some sleep in their cars, some couch surf, and some have poor housing conditions. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

Contreras’ said the grant for student housing was not placed for this period. The period to file for the grant has already passed and the school will have to file in 2022. The reason for this was because the college was not “shovel ready by December,” he said. That means everything was not complete, for example, building layouts and how many students will be housed.

No models or photos of what the housing will look like are available yet.

Students can get involved with the housing program by attending and speaking to the president’s advisory council or student leaders at the college. In addition, FC will conduct a meeting on the matter by or before Spring 2022. Students can take their concerns, comments and ideas there.

Affordable student housing program

Fullerton College will apply for a student housing grant sometime in 2022. Around 53% of Fullerton College Students face housing insecurities, half of its student body. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh


The housing grant in the market would help alleviate the stress that comes from housing insecurities.

“We are still in a pandemic, and once people start to feel more comfortable and confident in returning to school, Fullerton College will be ready to accommodate,” Contreras said.

Fullerton College currently does not provide student housing. They do, however, have housing accommodations for the time being. Looking for a room to rent or share a room, fill out the form for “I need a room” and email it to isc@fullcoll.edu. If you have a room available for rent, you can fill out the form a submit it to isc@fullcoll.edu.

Not every student will qualify for student housing when and if this grant occurs. Contreras says that though Fullerton College won’t be able to provide housing to each student.


Edit: This article was edited to be more concise.

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