With quick and delicious dishes, Gonzos is a great place to feed your taco craving. The owner Bryan Gonzales grew up in East LA. and said that he wanted the restaurant to have that “authentic taqueria style, but be approachable for everyone.”

This taco shop stands out in Fullerton because it has an East Los-style flair to its Mexican food. A Pink lowrider can be seen right underneath the flat screen t.v gives you the feel of being around or at a classic car show.

Gonzos Tacos is a unique and charming taco shop just a few blocks away from Fullerton college.

For everyone that loves tacos Taco Tuesday and its specials, Gonzos has a Taco Tuesday special that the kiddos and adults can enjoy. With $1.60 street tacos and $6.50 for two tacos and a beer, you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to the locals and their favorites, go-to items are ground beef-cheddar cheese street tacos.

The outdoor dining area is dog-friendly. The tables are bright pink faux snakeskin and bright yellow chairs—lowrider interior vibes.

Crunchy cheesy goodness

Gonzo's has a Taco Tuesday special with $1.60 street tacos and $6.50 for two tacos and a beer. Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

The ambiance of this shop is attractive with the vibrant colors painted on the walls. Vivid yellow and bright pink intertwine perfectly. The moment you walk in, you feel like you are in another realm. Oldies playing in the background sets the mood for a wonderful experience.

Neon signs are plastered on the walls any which way you look. The Neon signs are vintage and add character to this taco spot, making it feel and look like a bar.

If you are a Lakers or Dodger fan, you’ll find hints of signs or memorabilia scattered throughout the taqueria.

Once entering, a giant foam finger half the size of the wall can be spotted when entering the establishment—showing lots of Los Angeles love, especially to the Dodgers.


Orginal Photo credit: Diane Al-Rawashdeh

When asking the owner how the pandemic affected his business, We were very fortunate to be set up for a take-out spot.” During the pandemic, his business was thriving; however, now that is not the case. He mentions that the prices of goods have gone up and as a result, so do his prices. Gonzales said he will not sacrifice food quality to keep costs down, so he has to raise his prices to maintain the quality.

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