Last season, the Hornets had their fifth consecutive 20-win season as well as their fifth straight trip to the playoffs. The Hornets fell short in the SoCal Regionals but they had a very productive and successful campaign, losing by just 2-points in the last game of the season. The team is ready to start this season off strong and the coaches, as well as the players, are just as excited to get going — hoping to have another playoff run.

Coach Phil instructing the team

Coach Perry Webster going over the game plan with the team at halftime during Wednesday’s game against Cerro Coso. Photo credit: Phil Thurman

Since returning to campus, the team has been training consistently, getting into shape for the upcoming season. The team has also been putting in lots of work both in the gym with the weights as well as on the court. On the court, the focus is on building team chemistry to have a strong bond in addition to working on plays and the execution of those plays. The hope is that when game time comes around all of the plays are second nature to the players.

According to Webster this year the Hornets strength lies in the depth of their roster. There are a lot of players who contribute to the team and can make plays on both ends of the court. One player to be on the lookout for is returning sophomore, Ronnie Stapp, a 6’7 forward. Ronnie has been a part of the program for two years and Webster said that he has improved exponentially since his start at Fullerton College. Stapp is now a pivotal player and both his teammates and the coaching staff expect a lot from him. Webster believes Stapp has grown into a great player and will continue to improve throughout the season.

Fullerton Hornets Men's Basketball team for the 2021-22 season, looking to make a huge impact this season.

Fullerton Hornets Men’s Basketball team for the 2021-22 season, looking to make a huge impact this season. Photo credit: FC Athletics

The program has lofty expectations for this season after last year’s success. “We are looking good so far … all the players and coaches are ready to go into the season and get further than we did last season,” said Webster. Since starting at Fullerton College in 2015, Webster has a record of 120 wins to 32 losses in seven seasons. Those numbers alone could be a reason for fans to get excited for what the Hornets might have in store.

With high expectations for each player, coach Webster said the players have all earned a spot on the team which means each player is there for a certain role and ought to be ready to go whenever called upon. The players have even made individual goals for themselves this season — whether it be points scored, steals, rebounds, or assists, even going as far as setting goals for time played in each game. Coach Webster also described the team as very unselfish and competitive which is one of the reasons he believes they will thrive and have a successful season.

Going for the jump ball.

Hornets Chazz Hutchison leaps for the jump ball during Wednesday’s win against Cerro Coso. Photo credit: Phil Thurman

The season is already underway so fans can come out to see the Fullerton College men’s basketball team in action. The Hornets play at home Tuesday, Nov. 23 against Santa Monica College at 6 p.m.

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