A Starbucks on campus is comforting to those wanting a caffeine fix during midterms and finals, or a pleasant indulgence during a long day. After years of construction and delays, the Fullerton College Starbucks is expected to open in time for the Pumpkin Spice drink season, with the opening date set for Monday, October 3.

The reconstruction, begun in 2019, was delayed due to special considerations for the historic building. “The soft opening was initially anticipated in July. The delay was due to the state approval process,” said Director of Campus Communications Lisa McPheron.

Soon to be Starbucks under construction. This was the old Stinger's Cafe building.

Soon to be Starbucks under construction. This was the old Stinger's Cafe building. Photo credit: Gerardo Chagolla

The new Starbucks will be a welcome respite for students, since the nearest cafés and outlets are too far away to make a pit stop between classes.

“I used to get my Starbucks at the café at the corner of Harbor and Chapman,” said Dolores Jimenez, Business major. “But that one closed during the pandemic, then went out of business.”

Empty cafe patio at night

Empty cafe patio at night at the new Starbucks building under construction across the 700 building. Photo credit: Dana Rose Crystal

The building used to be home to The Stinger’s Café, located a convenient distance from the 700 building. Students and staff could grab a quick bite and cup of coffee in their break time.

The large outdoor patio provided a peaceful, shady dining area, where students used to eat, chat, or do homework. The patio is still there, but has stayed mostly empty since Stinger’s closed.

Cheryl Jarvis, an English major, is enthusiastic about the Starbucks, “I like to try new drink combinations,” she said. “I look for new recipes posted on Instagram.”

Other students are hoping that the Starbucks will be open long enough to accommodate their busy schedules, “I start my classes early afternoon, and I don’t get out of my last class until after 10 p.m,” said student Juan Gomez. “I really could use an espresso to get me through my day.”

Edit: Fixed incorrect attribution of reconstruction information to Lisa McPheron.

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