On March 22, the Hornet published an article covering a Garden Grove vigil for the lives lost in the racially charged Atlanta shootings titled: “The facts and the furious: community rallies support for Asian Americans”.

Upon further retrospection, the Hornet deemed this an inappropriate and tone-deaf headline for its relation to the Fast and the Furious series, inadvertently associating street racing with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, a common stereotype. A stereotype portrayed after a rise in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and a racially charged shooting against them. The headline and the article itself were revised to reflect the Hornet’s intentions more clearly.

The Hornet strives to promote inclusivity and diversity, and to do this, will be more careful in its reporting of sensitive topics in the future. We as a society need to continue to be sensitive, respectful, and mindful of microaggressions and negative stereotypes, including the Hornet.

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Justin Lynch (He/Him) is a journalism major who has lived in Fullerton for most of his life. In his free time, he plays fighting games competitively.