Located in Fullerton, Pita Hot is an affordable restaurant with many different Mediterranean options to choose from such as kabobs and salads. Pita Hot is one of those places where anyone can grab a quick and delicious bite to eat after a long day or a night out with friends.

The Chicken Kabob combo comes with three sides of your choice. The one tasted came with rice, Mediterranean salad and cucumber yogurt salad. In total, the plate came out to $9.69. This is a very good price for a Mediterranean restaurant and it is very affordable.

Pita Hot chicken kabob combo with Mediterranean hot sauce and Tahini dressing.

Pita Hot chicken kabob combo with Mediterranean hot sauce and Tahini dressing. Photo credit: Angelica Salas

The order came with Mediterranean hot sauce and Tahini dressing. The large serving of pita was placed on top of the food. It was warm and soft to eat with the rice and chicken kabob.

This combo was very flavorful. The rice was warm and simple, but delicious. The rice and chicken kabob can be eaten with the pita bread and sauces that were provided. This consisted of a lot of mixed flavors and delicious satisfaction. It was very good, especially for an affordably priced meal.

The cucumber yogurt salad was interesting. The salad did not taste like yogurt. Instead, it was tangy and minty. The cucumber adds to the flavor and it makes the salad very fresh. Anyone that wants something light and similar to a salad may enjoy this.

The Mediterranean salad is a simple salad that consists of tomato, onion, mint or cilantro and cucumber. It didn’t come with regular ranch dressing but with a tangy dressing that was light and simple. The dressing that was mixed with the vegetables certainly made a difference as well. It was an exploration of flavors that explodes in your mouth. The salad, overall, was light and refreshing.

The Pita Hot chicken kabob combo, served with pita.

The Pita Hot chicken kabob combo, served with pita. Photo credit: Angelica Salas

Due to COVID-19, social distancing and masks are required in order for the employees to take an order. The restaurant does not allow customers to wait in line inside the restaurant. Instead, they are told to wait in line outside, standing six feet apart. Customers are not allowed to dine-in. Online orders, in-person orders and delivery are all options customers can choose from.

Only one customer is allowed to walk inside to order their food at a time. Afterward, customers wait outside near the Pick-Up door and a name is called once an order is ready to go.

Pita Hot is located in Fullerton at 1343 E Chapman Ave. Restaurant hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day but this can change during holidays. The restaurant can be contacted by phone at (714)-449-0100 and on their website www.Pita-Hot.com.

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